stephanie clark


How I can bring your digital content to life.

content creation


From website copy to social media posts to multi-media artifacts, quality content that is optimized for the web and for your particular audience is what sets your digital presence apart.

Whether you have existing copy that needs an SEO or plain language overhaul, technical documentation that needs editing or help with editorial content, I’m confident I can give your content the TLC it needs and deserves.



Outside of digital content, I can also support you with other internal and external communications like:

  • Press/Media releases, etc.

  • Communications & Change Management planning

  • Print marketing (copy and strategy)

  • Report review, editing or writing

content strategy


First comes strategy, then comes content… or so it should go. Having, understanding and using a clear content strategy will better connect you to the needs of your audience and set you up for consistent, high-quality content that has a clear purpose.

From audits to user research to creating clear guidelines for content creators, I can help you take your content to the next level.



I have trained hundreds of CMS users, written hundreds of pages of technical documentation and user guides and prepared train-the-trainer and other presentation decks.

As an expert in web content best practices, I can support your own content creators in improving their writing and put together documented guidelines on strategy, voice and tone, and other standards as related to your business.

digital project management

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Digital projects can be victim to small budgets, tight timelines and difficult-to-please stakeholders. As a project manager, my job is to work within those constraints to plan for and guide project implementation to create quality digital products.

I’m CAPM-certified and experienced in utilizing agile and more traditional project management approaches within the digital landscape.

social media & Marketing


Maintaining social media accounts can bring personality and creativity to your brand, while allowing you to further engage with your audience.

I can support your broader digital presence by assisting with campaigns, strategies, key messaging, and asset management across social media platforms.

Commonly used tools:

CMS: Drupal, OpenText (RedDot), WordPress, Shopify, SharePoint | Slack | Microsoft Teams | Basecamp | Slickplan | Treejack (Optimal Workshop) | Adobe Creative Suite | Hootsuite | Microsoft Visio | GitLab


Digital projects are never a ‘one size fits all’ so I use both hourly and flat rates depending on the work required.

For flat rate projects, it really can be negotiable so you will have to get in touch (don’t worry, I’m very friendly) but my typical hourly rates are below. Even still, don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how we can make something work within your budget.

Hourly Rates (CAD)

Copy writing/editing (simple) - $50/hour
Copy writing/editing (technical or complex) - $65/hour
Content Strategy (auditing, strategy sessions, recommendations and other reports and documentation) - $65/hour
Project Management - $65-125/hour, depending on project complexity

When working hourly, I invoice in 0.25 hour increments (so 15 mins) so you won’t be overbilled for work that doesn’t take a full hour.